Now Is The Time To Talk About Our Education System.

Nov 4th 212 min read

The Context

The education industry where the students hope would provide a strong foundation for starting their career as a professional, has failed to even provide a productive environment, resources and culture where they could learn, share and grow.

The education system is so poor that the students enroll in the course not for gaining the knowledge but merely for an undergraduate certification to pursue their educational career somewhere abroad.

Here, in this article, we will try to understand: 1. The root causes for this unproductive system 2. The negative impact on the students 3. The possible mitigating measures

The root causes for this unproductive system

  • The students don’t get to choose their subjects, not at least till the last 2 years of their schooling.
  • Too much expectations and pressure on students from the teachers, the institution and the parents.
  • There is absolutely no system of counseling the students; listening to their problems and actually trying to solve them.
  • Trying to teach everything without any thought about its relevance to the job industry.
  • Limiting the teaching-learning process to only inside the classroom.

The negative impact on the students

  • Mental pressure; high rank expectations, "outscore your classmates" mentality
  • Depression; could be as bad as having sucidal thoughts
  • "Questioning the teacher(their methodology)" is considered wrong/dis-respectful
  • Treating every student with a common yardstick; not realizing that different kids have different developmental needs and aptitude

The system doesn't fit for everyone and it might never will. Still, the so called "educational institution leaders" expect(even pressurize) students to keep grinding, keep having the mental pressure rather than to stand up and actually put in the efforts to resolve the situation.

The possible mitigating measures

  • Update the curriculumn with the vision to fit the market requirements when the students graduate.
  • Come up with an easy process to change the student's course/subject if they don't feel like they "fit" there.
  • Change the "outscore your classmates" mentality; everyone is different and should not be pressurized for the highest rank.
  • Focus on the student; counseling them time to time.
  • Expand the teaching-learning process to the outside world.


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