I Write JavaScript
To Build
Software Applications.

Former Associate Software Engineer @Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Building Software Applications with JavaScript.

I am a self-motivated and passionate individual who discovered my love for web development in early 2018 through a YouTube video recommended by The New Boston channel. Bucky Roberts, the channel's instructor, introduced me to the fundamentals of web development, which sparked my interest in learning more.

My fascination with JavaScript, the core language of web development, has led me to become proficient in using JavaScript and its associated tools to develop software applications.

I have been inspired by various industry experts such as Kyle Simpson, Wes Bos, Dan Abramov, Jake Archibald, Surma, Brian Holt, Sarah Drasner, Kent C. Dodds and others. Being able to understand their thought process has contributed significantly to my growth and development as a software engineer. My passion for web development has driven me to continue learning, honing my skills, and creating applications that are not only functional but also visually appealing. I am always on the lookout for new techniques, frameworks, and libraries that can enhance my skills and help me create better software applications.

Where I've Worked

  • Leapfrog Technology, Inc.

    Associate Software Engineer
    Nov 17, 2021-Jul 18, 2022
    • Work collaboratively within the team to develop high quality software solutions
    • Follow the company’s coding standards, policies, processes, and working culture
    • Communicate new ideas, issues, status, and outcomes with the supervisor/team
    • Learn and apply version control tools, project management tools, agile methodology, project level technologies, and code review process
  • Smartforce

    Vue.js Developer
    Aug 03, 2021-Oct 27, 2021
    • Used Vue.js to build UI components
    • Optimized memory leaks and performance
    • Used Cypress.js for end-to-end testing and communicated the issues
    • Follow the company’s coding standards and culture
Look at usual things with unusual eyes.
- Vico Magistretti